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Chinese 3 Syllabus

Open C3 Syllabus

It includes the following topics:
Course introduction
Required materials
Class rules and procedures
Grading policy
Cooperative Learning
Tips on Learning Chinese
Assignment checklist
A person of character

Chinese 3 Assignment Checklist

Open C3 Assignment Checklist

This pdf file includes a checklist for all the assignments for both 1st and 2nd semesters.

Chinese 3 Hanzi Worksheet

Open Lesson 1 My school life
Open Lesson 2 How do you go to…
Open Lesson 3 My leisure life
Lesson 4 Review (No Worksheet)
Open Lesson 5 Birthday celebration
Open Lesson 6 I am sick
Open Lesson 7 Traveling
Lesson 8 Review (No Worksheet)

Chinese 3