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Chinese 5 AP Chinese Language and Culture Syllabus

Open C5 AP Chinese Language and Culture Syllabus

It includes the following topics:
Course introduction
Required materials
Class rules and procedures
Grading policy
Cooperative Learning
Tips on Learning Chinese
Assignment checklist
A person of character

Chinese 5 Assignment Checklist

Open C5 Assignment Checklist

This pdf file includes a checklist for all the assignments for both 1st and 2nd semesters.

Chinese 5 Units

Chinese 5 Unit 1 School and Family
Open Lesson 1 Chinese is Fun!
Open Lesson 2 My Father, Laoshe

Chinese 5 Unit 2 Festivals and Customs
Open Lesson 3 Celebrating Chinese New Year
Open Lesson 4 Moon Festival

Chinese 5 Unit 3 Travel and Transportation
Open Lesson 5 Planning a Trip to China
Open Lesson 6 I Climbed the Great Wall

Chinese 5 Unit 4 People and Society
Open Lesson 7 The Hospitable Southwest
Open Lesson 8 Moving into a Modern Apartment

Chinese 5 Unit 5 Famous People and History
Open Lesson 9 Who Was Confucius?
Open Lesson 10 China Highlights

Chinese 5 Unit 6 Literature and Arts
Open Lesson 11 “To Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats”
Open Lesson 12 Chinese Paper cutting

Chinese 5 Audio Files

Audio files for Reading Packets from Reading Into A new China (RINC)

L1 RP – A Sunday of a High School Student (L5) Text

L1 RP – A Sunday of a High School Student (L5) Words

L2 RP – Family Woman (L10) Text

L2 RP – Family Woman (L10) Words

L3 RP – Love and Marriage (L8) Text

L3 RP – Love and Marriage (L8) Words

L5 RP – Population (L1) Text

L5 RP – Population (L1) Words

L6 RP – Internet (L20) Text

L6 RP – Internet (L20) Words

L7 RP – Huang Hun Love (L11) Text

L7 RP – Huang Hun Love (L11) Words

L8 RP – Housing (L3) Text

L8 RP – Housing (L3) Words

Chinese 5